Part 7: Security Review Initiation for AppExchange Applications

The review process takes about 6-8 weeks from when you have everything provided....

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Part 6: Security Review Process for AppExchange Applications

TheTrust Academy offers practical, hands-on experience in the fundamentals of application security on the platform, how-to guidance on penetration testing tools like ZAP and Burp, and detailed instructions for how to submit for Security Review. You might also want to take the Security Revi....

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Part 5: Publishing Process for AppExchange Applications

Once you join the Partner Community, you gain access to the Publisher Console/ Publishing page. This is where you declare, customize and track your contributions to the AppExchange. ....

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Part 4: Release States for AppExchange Applications

Releasing an AppExchange package can be iterative, hence ensure each component functions as planned. You may even have beta testers who install an early version of your package and provide feedback.....

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Part 3: Building AppExchange Applications

Neither Free Edition nor Enterprise Edition is to be used if you are developing a custom application to sell to others. Developer Edition allows you to create Managed Packages which is the core vehicle for distributing applications. You can build a custom app with Developer Edition and, wh....

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Part 2: Basics of AppExchange Applications

AppExchange is Salesforce’s on-demand platform, a suite of development tools for customizing, building, integrating, and installing business applications. Tech savvy folks can surely code for the feeling of satisfaction they get out of it. However, for building applications you can use ‘point an....

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