Need to Meet Customers Out of Office? You Need FSL

Any company that is customer-facing, worries about dramatically improving their Customer Experience. To close the gap with actual performance, companies want the employees to be tightly connected with the rest of the CRM system. ....

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Failing Salesforce Implementations are more Real Than Ever

Adopting Salesforce right is a must for building the appropriate solution for the business. And chances of things going wrong are quite high if the needs, expectations and possible challenges are not thought of. ....

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Salesforce and Google – Now Global Strategic Partners

Salesforce recently partnered with Google to better its vision of understanding customer needs, solving their problems, and identifying opportunities to help. ....

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Part 8: Security Review and Publishing AppExchange Applications

The security review process improves the quality of your product and increases your chances of a successful launch. The main reasons why an application might fail a security review can be found here.....

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Part 7: Security Review Initiation for AppExchange Applications

The review process takes about 6-8 weeks from when you have everything provided....

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Part 6: Security Review Process for AppExchange Applications

TheTrust Academy offers practical, hands-on experience in the fundamentals of application security on the platform, how-to guidance on penetration testing tools like ZAP and Burp, and detailed instructions for how to submit for Security Review. You might also want to take the Security Revi....

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