Einstein – Is it as impressive as it is touted to be?

AI is no more in the realm of science fiction. Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are all intelligent digital personal assistants on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, serving results that are tailored to your preferences. You would have also come across various chat support bots that do not just presen....

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Einstein-Watson: AI Enhancement in the making

Idea to App in a FLASH

So how do you start? Do you develop in-house? Do you get it built? Do you modify third party apps? Do you purchase existing apps? Do you wait?....

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Can Artificial Intelligence drive Social Change?

Technology is a powerful tool that is changing the world using AI, Big Data, Mobility and IoT. Even the social change-makers working towards changing the society are beginning to harness the tech forces for the larger good.....

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Declutter your Salesforce.org

Salesforce can be a little more complex than you expected. Not having an expert to manage it, might lead to unintended consequences instead of simplifying your common business goals. Sometimes, the pressure of business can make even a trained admin focus less on what matters more in managing the pla....

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What Questions to answer before choosing Salesforce

Before you choose a CRM, you should know exactly why you need it. More clearly you have thought about this, better CRM you would use, more often you would use it and the more effective you would be. Salesforce is one CRM that can really help you serve your mission. However, you should have your ....

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