How to drive SMART customer interactions with Marketing Cloud?

Today’s customers need a 1:1 experience. Companies need to plan and optimize every single interaction they craft. Thereafter, the personalized content should be delivered at the time when maximum impact can be created, at any/ all channel(s) customer expects. ....

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Migrate from Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce – NOW

You may have read many comparative articles on Raiser’s Edge (RE) and Salesforce NPSP. We know that though RE is moving to cloud with Raiser’s Edge NXT, there are areas that make users choose Salesforce over RE. ....

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How to make the best use of Social Studio?

Marketing Cloud has strategic partnerships with all the major social networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+. Being a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, member of Facebook Strategic Partner Program, member of Twitter’s Ads API program, partner of Link....

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Need to Meet Customers Out of Office? You Need FSL

Any company that is customer-facing, worries about dramatically improving their Customer Experience. To close the gap with actual performance, companies want the employees to be tightly connected with the rest of the CRM system. ....

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Failing Salesforce Implementations are more Real Than Ever

Adopting Salesforce right is a must for building the appropriate solution for the business. And chances of things going wrong are quite high if the needs, expectations and possible challenges are not thought of. ....

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Salesforce and Google – Now Global Strategic Partners

Salesforce recently partnered with Google to better its vision of understanding customer needs, solving their problems, and identifying opportunities to help. ....

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