Robust emails are necessary not just for acquiring new customers, but also for retaining and engaging them at scale. Additionally, operations, investor, and service email initiatives all need a good email strategy. This said, lets get on to discussing the various ways in which Email Journeys can be made much smarter. We also discuss a few misconceptions and confusions around these.

  • Journey Builder allows updating more than one email in a journey – go to interactions in Email Studio, pause triggered send of the desired version of the journey, update the content, publish changes, restart the triggered send.
  • A send definition is created in the background of Journey Builder upon activation.If the email template is modified after activating the Journey, the emails that continue to be sent are not changed. For an active journey, that needs to be modified, a new version needs to be created. The new version needs to be activated. Note that the old versions cannot be re-activated.
  • There is a built in "Test" function for testing purpose. Though mostly a live version with test data is used, the built-in test function is a useful tool worth trying.
  • Process Builder allows you to choose both fields on Accounts, and alsofields that are related to Accounts.
  • Automations can be scheduled or triggered. Email journeys can be defined for both types of automations – driven by marketers or based on actions your customers or subscribers take.
  • The content of these series of emails can consist of articles, videos, and links to help documentation. These show customers how important they are, help in reducing the number of calls to your customer service team and the anticipated responses increase customers’ satisfaction.
  • Ensure that mobile is part of your messaging strategy. Make your emails mobile-optimizedand also make sure that allthe click-through links take subscribers to mobile-friendly pages – ensuring consistent experiences across multiple channels.
  • Progressive profiling has proved to be very effective. Pay attention to the content that subscribers respond to, update the clues they give about preferences, note their purchase history etc. This additional data helps you know a user better and hence present him with something that he needs, when he needs it. However, make sure not to scare subscribers off by getting too personal, too fast.
  • If your business has a peak season, so should be the case with your marketing strategy. Your campaigns and email sends should be organized accordingly. Also, note the event-driven campaigns - trade shows, conventions, or industry events - that are specific to your organization. You might want to plan communication or promotions around these.
  • Be prepared to spend time and energy on the master template. Generation of multiple versions of the same email with customized and personalized content for each audience comes easy.


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