With Marketing Cloud, no mention on social media is wasted.

Marketing Cloud has strategic partnerships with all the major social networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+. Being a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, member of Facebook Strategic Partner Program, member of Twitter’s Ads API program, partner of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and partner of Pinterest’s MarTech Developer Alpha, Marketing Cloud gets access to data to better understand the brands’ effectiveness on social network, and manage and track audiences at scale.


This component is for use of administrators and Super users. It allows to add and manage social accounts (Social Accounts), create and manage macros to apply a variety of custom actions to multiple posts at the same time (Engagement macros), add and manage other user accounts (Users), add keywords and filters (Topic Profiles), define a set of sources that you would like your topic profile to look at such as Twitter or Facebook (Source Groups) and manage settings (Organization Settings).


These allow content collaboration amongst the team members. From a workspace, you have access to Performance tab, where basic reports can be published and downloaded.

The platform allows for organizing teams by region, brand or business function using Workspaces. Using workspaces, associated assets such as Social Accounts and Topic Profiles can also be organized.


This is the default tab when a workspace is opened.

The Publish section shows all previously published and scheduled posts (from all workplace’s social networks) on a calendar view (CALENDAR tab). The view can be customized by the marketers and is used to create and design full preview content with full preview.

Various tasks that can be accomplished using the Publish Calendar or the menu items in this view are:

  • Create a post for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram (CREATE tab)
  • Link social accounts
  • Add content from the company’s digital assets or integrated third-party apps or from custom apps to social media posts.
  • Edit content in Social Studio using media editor
  • Publish content to specific social networks automatically on specified date and time
  • Share variety of content – photos, trending news, or other high-quality media (SHARED CONTENT tab)
  • Organize the posts by brand, region, or multiple teams and individuals
  • Even set budget and time frame for your promotional content.
  • Promote the content by buying Facebook ads right from Social Studio and integrating with Social.com Ad campaigns (built-in social advertising)


Broad layout of the Engage tab is designed as:

  • Tab (one or more)
    • Columns (one or more)
    • Social Accounts (one or more)
    • Topic Profiles (one or more)

Engage allows for filtering and sorting of social accounts and content with matching Topic Profiles. The columns are updated in real time. With Real Time Collaboration, all the viewers of a post are visible, thus avoiding duplication. There are options for custom configuration and workflow approval. These controls allow for brand protection, management of social engagement, social customer service and lead generation.

Engage allows for the below actions:

  • Assess the overall tone of social discussions
  • Monitor the content that has been posted on social accounts using Publish
  • Monitor comments about your brand and product across all networks
  • Monitor what the customers and prospects are saying about your competitors
  • Allows other teams to access, personalize and reuse pre-approved content
  • Moderate and join conversations
  • Engage with and respond to the social audience with compelling content
  • Respond from office or on the go, across all social and brand channels
  • Share insights, collaboratively plan social campaigns and mark posts for other engagement actions
  • Assign posts to team members to follow up
  • Identify the top issues, respond to them, reroute customer activity/ issues to appropriate role in marketing/ sales/ service.

Social Studio has an integration with Advertising Studio in the Marketing Cloud. Advertising Studio Audiences can use Social Studio topic profiles to build audiences. This allows for reaching out to the prospects and customers in Advertising Studio with timely and relevant ads on social media.


All your social and marketing activity can be viewed at one place with Command Center. The platform lets you analyze channel, content performance and social media trends, take immediate relevant action and recommend new content ideas.

Some benefits of using this module are:

  • Know how customers talk about your brand and who are the social influencers
  • Gain geographic understanding on conversations
  • Identify the most popular customer photos related to your brand.
  • Understand the words that customers connect with your brand
  • Real-time view of quantitative (email, journey, social performance) and qualitative (social listening) data

There could be no better way of analyzing and working on your company’s social health.

  • Pre-configured on-channel Analytics Dashboards and Social Listening Summary Dashboards
  • Workbenches to provide deeper customizable social account data and to monitor conversations using custom datasets (each using data from one topic profile at a time)
  • Monitor relevant discussions using machine-learning sentiment analysis and image recognition
  • Measure both real-time or past performance of content
  • View analytics by post, subgroup, label, campaign, or particular target.
  • Track Marketing Cloud Journeys, Emails and Social Customer Care agents.

Transforming customer experiences was never this simple.

Let us untangle social networks and make Marketing Cloud work for you.


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