Technology is a powerful tool that is changing the world using AI, Big Data, Mobility and IoT. Even the social change-makers working towards changing the society are beginning to harness the tech forces for the larger good.

Whether it’s about climate change, refugee issues, unemployment, gender inequality, malnutrition or water scarcity, the statistics can be shocking.

  • Around 2 billion people continue to live on less than $2 a day
  • Around 58 million children of primary school age are out of school worldwide
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  • Estimated 781 million people aged 15 and over remain illiterate
  • About half of the population living in developing regions lack access to improved drinking water sources
  • An estimated 150 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor

A slew of initiatives taken by individuals and corporates have been trying to address various social issues, yet often even the most successful ones are able to impact just a faction of the impacted. More and more organizations are now shifting their focus on crafting solutions that can create a wider impact. In more cases than not, technology has been the answer, only next to the willingness to bring about this change.

Salesforce is known for using the power of business to bring social change. The CEO Marc Benioff and Salesforce have become the leader of social change by pushing for social activism. From fighting a bill that allowed faith-based organizations to refuse service to the LGBT community to opposing a bill in North Carolina that concerned transgender individuals, the company has been doing what they feel is right for their customers and their employees.

Moreover, Salesforce as a platform has the capability to induce exponential growth in reach and impact.

Raise more Funds, Faster

Salesforce is too complex a system to rely on training passed through volunteers. You should have a minimum numbers of permanent employees to make Salesforce work for you on an ongoing basis.

Do you have an in-house administrator?

Nonprofits know best what they need, when they need it, and in the way that’s most useful for them. The best way society can contribute is by donating.

The platform provides a single place to manage all constituents - donors, families and friends of donors, future donors. With no need for cross-referencing spreadsheets, you are able to streamline your data. And with the updated data, you get to reach out to the audience when required, in the manner you want to. The community, if better engaged and in the right manner, responds better for the benefit of the society to accelerate nonprofits’ mission.

Build and DeployCustom Applications and Data Models, Faster

Around the world, social impact organizations (SIOs) are leveraging Salesforce and to design new applications and for system testing. App integration, configuration and deploymentfor various programming activities is much faster using It also addresses the need for customization with international development interventions becoming much more rigorous and complex.

Increased Productivity, Engagement and Retention in Higher Ed

Feature rich and flexible Salesforce allows for improved Volunteer, Student, and Alumni engagement and retention. Partnership with Salesforce can help shape the next generation of leaders, scientists, artists and innovators with personalized instructions, and innovative and scalable solutions.

SIOs around the world are pushing the boundaries of the Salesforce platform and coming up with new ways to support them in their mission.


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